Try to walk in Jenson Zhu shoes

# Jenson Zhu showing pair of his classy shoes

We have met with Britain Got Talent star Jenson Zhu in Westminster  tube station by chance.I have spotted his fantastic shoes first  and decided to follow the pair of shiny brouges on the escalator.When we safely landed on the platform I've  just told the owner  how much I love his shoes.
- Do you know me? - he asked.
- I'm sorry but no,I don't know you.
- Are you watching British TV?
- Sometimes - I've said.
- Oh..... watch me on YouTube's Britain Got Talent 2014.My name is Jenson Zhu and I  was there in semi final.

London is like a box of never know who's walking this same direction.

# Britain Got Talent semi finalist Jenson Zhu spotted  in Westminster


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