Order restored in Poplar

#Sorry order has been restored
It was written on the wall of old building in Poplar area in East London where the social cleaning started years ago. Since 2011 this area is under so called 'regenaration' scheme, where council tenants are forced to leave premises step by step  from East London in a an attempt to change the face of the area full of controversy. In  2014 a Catholic nun tears down black and white flag similar to ones used by jihadis from housing Will Crooks Estate gates.This act sparked  tensions between Christian and Muslim community. Poplar appears in local and national media very often.In 2010 after investigations by The Sunday Telegraph, the then Tower Hamlets council leader, Lutfur Rahman, was replaced, deselected and later expelled by the Labour Party because of his close links to an extremist Muslim group, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), based at the radical East London Mosque. In 2011 controversial sale of Poplar Town Hall to Dreamstar Ltd in 2011 was sealed in here with murky agreement under the table and shortly after Balfron Tower went under the hammer.All tenants have been re-housed, physically and psychologically, Poplar HARCA has finally applied for planning permission for the refurbishment and has formed a partnership with developer London Newcastle to sell the flats.This year Mayor of London announces four more Housing Zones and Poplar is one of them of course.Keep your eye on Poplar.


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