Music will save the world #1

Today was a great day. The weather was perfect to work outside so I've popped out to photograph St.Patrick's Parade in London. Parade was like any other parade.You know what to expect after taking pictures of this same event for so many years.The only thing which you don't know is who you will meet that day in the town. And I love to be surprised. On my way from Trafalgar Square I've bumped on this beautiful girl. Let's be precised. First it was her music. I've asked the girl about her name. She was very shy and didn't speak English very well but I've understood that she came to London few months ago from Romania with her vintage Hohner accordion and super cute Cocker Spaniel dog.
- My name is Mirella - she said  - and this is Patricia, my best friend.We celebrating Saint Patrick's      Day for the first time in UK. Sorry my English is no good.
-  Don't worry. I love your music. Can you play more, please?
- Ok, no problem - she agreed to play and smiled.

The music like any other form of art will save the world. It's definitely saving mine.


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