6289km #awayfromhome

                 6289km #awayfromhome

 6289km #awayfromhome (I)

”Stay home and save lives” we all know that mantra of global pandemia but it is a bit different when you actually can’t stay at your home.You’re working and moving the globe with your work.Leaving your home and loved ones behind. It takes loads of courage and strength to stay strong and positive when you’re #awayfromhome without knowing the date of come back in uncertain time,when most of the borders around the globe are closed.When people are advised to stay 2 meters away from each other. When everyone is talking about deaths and hospitals.I think only those who survived the war,could compare these two pictures from the past and the present. The picture of the future is rather blurry.We could send each other the email,movie,photo.We could call each other on WhatsApp,we could endlessly  chat with each other on Zoom, but we’re still going to sleep alone.Many of us are trapped in this bizarre situation when nobody knows the ”final date”. Nobody could tell us when exactly we could get back to our ”normality” and live free.Nobody knows these important details.Maybe the world which we all know, will never get back? Maybe.Every day we’re bombarded by million information and speculations but looking only for solid assurance. Unsuccessfully, so far.Many of us are locked on different continents,in different country,home,culture and even different climate. Many of us are surrounded  by strangers who could become our new friends or enemy.The choice is mutual.For me it has been already 3 months #awayfromhome. I’m trapped in this surreal situation.I’m just one of millions,who is really isolated in many aspects.It would not be forever,no matter how grim is the face of the reporter on the local news channel.One day it will be over.I strongly believe in that.It would be perhaps, a new world for all of us, but pandemia will be over.The idea of the visual journal of this strange time,came to me very naturally.It is not a pioneering idea of course,but more likely an obligation for the future generations. It will be interesting to collect all these moments captured by my mobile camera with hope  to see it later in better circumstances.With no doubt,we are witnessing right now and right here on planet Earth,the significant changes in human history.
Let’s witness that consciously.

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